Cancer Treatment Center

About the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital Cancer Treatment Center

May 2004 was an important time not just for Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, but for the entire Lake Cumberland region as well.

It was that month that LCRH answered the call for a deep and growing medical need in our area by opening the Lake Cumberland Cancer Treatment Center.

The Cancer Treatment Center was constructed in the hopes that patients who required treatment for all types of cancer would be able to remain close to home, near their families and friends.

The 11,000 square-foot Cancer Treatment Center of Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital not only provides radiation therapy treatments, but also addresses the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients and their families through an innovative new massage therapy program, cancer support groups, Love on a Leash visits, and that special one-on-one care that means so much.

The Cancer Treatment Center is committed to the treatment of cancer patients by implementing the latest, most advaced equipment developed for cancer patients. The CTC currently uses a Varian Linear Accelerator for treatment delivery, a Phillips ACQSIM CT/Simulator for tumor localization and CM 3-D treatment planning system.

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital recognized that, in constructing such a center, it would be the only one of its kind in a seven county area. The focus and planning process of the center was to create a home-like atmosphere, one that would be warm and inviting.

The patients and family members enjoy simple pleasures that, perhaps briefly, allow them to find a moment of distraction in a difficult time. Among the center's features provided while patients wait are a puzzle table in the lobby and a quilting area. In addition, there are televisions to watch and magazines to read.

But the desire to provide comfort doesn't stop in the lobby. The Cancer Treatment Center also provides lighted murals above the Accelerator and the CT/Simulator. This provides patients with something soothing to look at either during their treatments or CT scans.

Patients and their families also have access to a community resource library, which provides information about cancer research, support and treatment options, compliments of the American Cancer Society.  There is also a "quiet room," furnished through the generosity of the Kentucky Cancer Program, where patients and loved ones can quitely read, listen to soothing music, or gather their thoughts.

The Community Garden, located on The Cancer Treatment Center grounds, provides a serene place, surrounded by plants and flowers donated in honor of or in memory of cancer patients, where patients and family members can enjoy the beauty and sounds of nature.

The desire to provide our cancer patients with the most advanced technology in their treatment is an ongoing commitment. Recently, the center has added IMRT - Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, an Eclipse Treatment Planning System from Varian and prostate localization with the SonArray ultrasound unit.

The Cancer Treatment Center is also licensed by the State to perform Prostate Seed Implants. The center also performs Grid Treatments, which are offered by only a few facilities in the state of Kentucky.

While having the latest technology in cancer treatment is important, it would mean little without a caring and understand staff. The hallmark of providing treatment to cancer patients at the center is the dedicated staff. These professionals work together as a team to provide cancer treatment.

Those team members include a Radiation Oncologist, two full time registered nurses, one physicist, one certified medical dosimetrist, four radiation therapists, two radiation technologists, one social worker and two receptionists/clerks. To reinforce this team approach to treatment, a Physicians Cancer Committee assesses, plans and initiates all cancer related activities at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital.

The Cancer Treatment Center has served thousands of patients for consultation or follow up visits. Should the need arise, we will be here to help you.

Contacting the CTC/Information Request

For more information about our Cancer Treatment Center, please call 606-451-3755.

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Cancer Support Group

The Cancer Treatment Center at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital understands the need for patients and their families to share their experiences with those who can appreciate how lives are impacted by cancer.

Every 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30, the In Touch Cancer Support Group meets in the community classroom at the center and anyone who's life has been touched by cancer is welcome to attend. If you are a breast cancer patient or survivor, there is a special support group for you, too.  The Woman-to-Woman Breast Cancer Support Group meets on the 1st Thursday each month at 6:00 p.m. at The Cancer Treatment Center.

The Cancer Treatment Center is located at 112 Tradepark Drive and refreshments are provided. This is a wonderful opportunity for patients and family members to come together and gain from each others' strength and knowledge.

New Patient Information

If you are going to be a patient at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital's Cancer Treatment, we would like you to be familiar with what will happen during your first few appointments. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 606-451-3755 or the director of the center at 606-451-3773.

Your first visit to the Cancer Treatment Center will be your consultation. It takes between one and three hours to complete this initial visit. You will see one of the registered nurses, either Stephanie or Nona. You will also meet Dr. Amtullah Khan, our radiation oncologist and you may also meet with our social worker, Cathy La Cour.

Your second visit will be your CT/Simulation visit. A radiation therapist performs this test. There are a total of six therapists at the Cancer Treatment Center. During this visit, we will perform a special kind of CT scan which will be used for deciding how to best move forward with your treatment. This CT scan is strictly for the planning process for your treatments, it is not for diagnosing your disease.

We will place marks on your skin and/or tattoos. Please do not wash any marks off your skin unless the therapist tells you to do so. This visit will take between one and two hours. You may not be able to eat or drink before this appointment. You will need to consult the instruction sheet given to you by the nurse prior to your appointment to see if this applies to you.

Your third visit is what we call a "dress rehearsal." We will take you into the room where you will receive your radiation treatments. This room is called the Linac or Linear Accelerator.

We will place you in the same position you were in for your CT/Simulation. When we have you lined up to your marks and/or tattoos, we will take a few special x-rays to make sure you are in the correct position for your daily treatment.

Dr. Khan will review those x-rays before you actually receive your first treatment. This will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Your fourth visit will be the beginning of your treatment. Your daily treatment will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

The time from your first visit (consultation) and your fourth visit (first treatment) may take one to two weeks.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about anything, please speak with any staff member and they will direct you to the appropriate person to answer your questions. If you have any questions about your appointment time, please see one of the therapists at the center or call 606-451-3779.