Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital Crowns Pounds Off Pulaski Program Winners

May 6, 2019

Somerset, KY (May 6, 2019) – Congratulations to all the participants in the 2019 Pounds Off Pulaski (POP) program, sponsored by Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and the Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce.  The 12-week challenge ran from January 24th thru April 15th with 67 total participants who lost a combined 575 pounds.
The POP program was available to community members ages 18+ and all fitness levels. The overall goal was to help participants kick start, and reach, their New Year’s health and fitness goals, and to develop a habit of lifelong daily activity.
Participants were urged to weigh-in every Monday and had the opportunity to attend monthly meetings with special guests from health-related businesses throughout the community. BioFit Technologies, Kristina’s Kitchen, Edith Lovett- Pulaski County Cooperative Extension Agent, and Fitness Instructor-Loretta Mounce were just a few of these special guests. The meetings were designed to provide support, information, and tools to help participants stay on track throughout the program and engage them in the opportunity to create healthy, sustainable habits. 
Individuals who have lost the highest percentage of body weight (and who certify they have met the criteria as listed on the registration form) have been declared the winners.  First place male and female winners will receive $500 each and second place male and female winners will receive $300 each.
The 2019 POP winners are:
1st Place Male- Brent Meece who lost a total of 65.4 pounds and 23.2% body weight
2nd Place Male- Willie Turner who lost a total of 51.6 pounds and 20.0% body weight
1st Place Female- Carletta Turner who lost a total of 30.8 pounds and 17.1% body weight
2nd Place Female- Jill Meece who lost a total of 24.4 pounds and 13.0% body weight

This year's male and female winners are actually both, husband and wife duos. This unique situation is a testament to how important having a support system is while on a weight-loss journey. With better health as a mutual goal, decisions about good nutrition and physical activity are easier to make. 
 “We are proud of the accomplishments of all the winners and participants,” said Mandy Prather, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at LCRH. “The power of POP extends beyond just the 12 weeks of the program. It is about inspiring others to make positive, long-term changes in their lives by taking control of their health and fitness.”