Your Health. Our Heroes: LCRH Business Office

July 23, 2020

In this series, we're introducing the community to some of Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital's Heroes. 
We hope you enjoy getting to know them and learning more about those that are dedicated to providing the high-quality care that you know and trust. 

Kevin Albert, Director of Patient Financial Services & the LCRH Business Office

Q:  What is the name of your department at Lake Cumberland 
A:  The Business Office 

Q:  Collectively, how long have those in your department worked at LCRH? 
A:  Our team is comprised of 26 emloyees ranging from 1 year to 46 years experience, with a combined service of 367 years. 

Q: What would you guys be doing if you weren't working in healthcare? 
A: Majority of us would be at home taking care of children, retiring, relaxing, traveleing, going back to school. But I can't imagine doing anything except healthcare.

Q:  What does a typical day look like for you at Lake Cumberland 
A:  Working with insurance companies via phone calls, email and online to get our patient’s insurance claims processed and paid as quickly and accurately as possible, assisting patients with their accounts, Our cashiers process/document all of the cash flow from various departments in the hospital.

Q:  How has your day-to-day changed since the coronavirus pandemic? 
A:  We have not been able to assist patients face to face, insurance companies have downsized or decreased hours of operation which has delayed claims processing/payments and has increased the wait time to speak to a representative for claims resolution. In our effort to practice social distancing guidelines, some coworkers have been relocated and furloughed.  We have increased cleaning/sanitizing as well as wearing facemasks.  Pre-screening is done each time we enter the Business Office.  We miss having employee gatherings to celebrate milestones. 

Q:  What's saving your life right now?
A:  Reading books, focusing on family, pets, sunshine, knowing that we are doing our part to make our community healthier. 


Kevin Albert
Director, Patient Financial Services 
Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital