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Young Stroke Survivor Shares Gratitude For Another Holiday Spent With Family | Danielle's Story

Having a stroke can be a terrifying emergency for anyone, but especially for a younger patient - to suddenly not be able to sit up on your own, talk normally, or move your body like you believe you should be able to is a shock. Fortunately for Danielle Hacker, she...

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Timing is Everything in Emergency Cardiac Care | Kevin's Story

Being a lifelong musician, Kevin Dalton, has long understood the concept of “timing is everything.” However, as relevant as it is in music, it never meant more to him in than it did when he experienced a heart attack and saw first-hand how local EMS and LCRH Stemi Alert teams...

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Giving Birth During a Pandemic | The McAlpin's Story

Pregnancy comes with anticipation and excitement - of becoming parents and raising a child - but also anxiety about what it will be like to give birth and ultimately, care for a baby. COVID-19 adds a new level of stress and fear and for new parents, Hannah and Tucker McAlpin,...

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