Mother and Baby Services

About Our Services

  • We welcome nearly 1,200 new babies into the world each year from all over South Central Kentucky! 
  • We are the primary provider of obstetric and gynecological services in our region. 
  • Level IIB Nursery 
  • 6 all private labor and delivery rooms equipped with fetal monitoring screens 
  • 23 post partum rooms (19 are private) 
  • 2 operating rooms and 2 recovery rooms 
  • 10 pediatric rooms with telemetry monitoring 
  • In addition to traditional labor and delivery services, our hospital also provides:
    • anti-partum (pre-term) care 
    • intra-partum (during pregnancy) care 
    • post-partum care (after delivery)
  • C-sections, tubal ligations or cerclages are all routinely performed at our facility. 

Our Nurses

  • A nurse at Lake Cumberland weighing a newborn on scaleOur labor and Delivery nurses and women's health nurses average 16 years' experience each. 
  • Our Labor and Delivery registered nurses are certified in:
    • Fetal monitoring 
    • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) 
    • Neonatal resuscitation. 
  • Our Pediatric registered nurses and licensed practicing nurses are certified in:
    • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) 
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) 
  • Our Postpartum and Nursery registered nurses and licensed practicing nurses are certified in:
    • Neonatal resuscitation. 
  • We promote breastfeeding and have 2 IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactaction Consultants) and 20 CLC (Certified Lactation Counselors) on staff.


One important step we ask all new parents to take before the birth of their child is to pre-register at our hospital. Babies often arrive when THEY choose, so if you have pre-registered, it will make the process much easier for you.

About a week before your scheduled due date, please come to the admissions department on the first floor of the hospital to complete the registration process. Make sure you have all insurance cards with you at the time you pre-register.

Visit our Patients & Visitors page to learn more about our registration process.

If you have pre-registered, when you arrive at the hospital to have your baby, simply take Elevator 5 by the Emergency Room up to the labor and delivery department on the second floor.

Becoming a Parent

Female nurse tending to newbornWhether it is for the first time or the third time - the birth of a child is an important event for a family.

For a routine delivery, three family members are permitted to remain in the labor and delivery room during the birth of your child. In the event you require a C-section, only one person is allowed to remain with the mother at the time of delivery. During some instances, it may be necessary to reduce the number of people visiting before and during the birth. This is done for the safety of our patient and your newborn.

Once your new bundle of joy has arrived, we know that the real work begins. Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital does allow mothers to "room in" with their new baby. This allows the baby to be in the room with their mother around the clock.

We can care for a great many concerns that can arise after the birth of your child, please know that our nursery is considered a Level IIB Nursery.  If your baby’s doctor feels it necessary, we have the capability to transfer your child to a more advanced Level III center.

The post-partum road to recovery at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital also includes a number of helpful educational opportunities for mom and dad. After the birth of your child, our nurses and staff educators can share information about caring for your newborn, breast-feeding, hygiene and other helpful topics that first time parents or old pros needing a refresher course may find helpful. Our staff is also there to provide you information about cord care, caring for a circumcision and other topics new parents may find of interest. Should you want to take advantage of these important learning opportunities ask your nurse and she will assist you in your post-partum education.

You will be required to view a video concerning Safe Sleep for your baby as well as a video concerning Traumatic Head Injury before being discharged.

Visitors After Birth

Nurse holding newborn with young girl watchingAfter your baby arrives, we know family members will want the opportunity to visit the new addition to the family. In the post-partum unit, we practice an "open visitation" policy for family members. We ask that family members and visitors come to see you between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Our only restriction is that children under the age of 12, who are not siblings of the newborn, are not permitted to visit. We also have a "quiet time" each day between 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. to allow parents to have special bonding time with their newborn.

We want our new parents to feel secure that their baby is also safe and sound. For that reason, Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital has instituted a number of security measures to ensure that our newborns are safe and there is no confusion in keeping the newborn with their family. Both mother and baby are given matching identification bracelets to ensure that the right baby gets to the right mother. We want you to know that your baby is safe and secure at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and we have taken these steps to give you that extra sense of comfort.

Soon after your baby is born, one of our pediatricians (pediatric hospitalists) will visit your baby. Typically, our pediatricians make their rounds during the morning and they will visit you after they examine your child to discuss your child's health. Our pediatricians are on call 24 hours a day.

Should you have questions for your pediatrician, please do not hesitate to ask when they visit you after your child's examination.

Share info about your new Arrival!

All new parents want pictures of their little miracle. At Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, MOM 365 photographs all newborns. A representative from MOM 365 will visit you and provide you with information about ordering pictures before you are discharged from the hospital.

Friends and Family can see your precious addition through our Web Babies feature!  Click the MOM 365 logo to go there!

Please remember that birth certificate forms must be completed before you and your child are discharged from the hospital. You will be given the proper paper work to order your child's birth certificate, which you can complete after you return home.

Prenatal Classes 

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital offers free pre-natal classes for expectant parents (yes, dad is invited to come along too!). Among the topics covered in pre-natal classes are caring for your newborn, what to expect when you go into labor and what to expect at the hospital. These classes try and take you through the entire process so that new moms and dads will be comfortable and have important information they will need both before and after their child arrives. You are encouraged to contact the labor and delivery department for more information on signing up for pre-natal classes.

Topics discussed:

  • Discomforts of pregnancy 
  • Stages of Labor 
  • Getting ready for delivery 
  • Choices of pain management / natural or epidural anesthesia 
  • Vaginal or Cesarean delivery 
  • Understanding your hospital delivery 
  • Baby basics of holding, feeding, diapering, bathing & safety 
  • Tour of L&D unit, postpartum & observation nursery  

Call (606) 678-3176 or (606) 678-3145 for questions or sign ups.

Free Breastfeeding Classes Offered

Lactation consultants are available to help new mothers should they choose to breast feed their newborn. Our staff is also there to provide you information about cord care, caring for a circumcision and other topics new parents may find of interest. Should you want to take advantage of these important learning opportunities ask your nurse and she will assist you in your post-partum education.

Topics discussed:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding 
  • Breastfeeding basics 
  • Getting off to a good start 
  • Latch & positioning 
  • Breast pumps & milk storage 

Call (606) 678-3176 or (606) 678-3145 for questions or sign ups.

Pediatric Unit

Woman carrying supplies for children in a wagonWe realize a hospital stay can be stressful and we want to make your child's stay as comfortable as possible. We encourage you to talk with your child in terms they can understand about their hospital stay prior to admission.

The Pediatric Unit at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital contains 10 beds. These beds are "telemetry monitored," meaning our caring nurses can always see your little one's heart rate and rhythm while they are on the monitor.

We have an assortment of toys and movies on the unit for you little one to enjoy. You may also bring favorite toys or books to add a touch of home and help pass the time.

Children with special medical needs often require intravenous or nutritional support, which limits their mobility. Our pediatric unit is equipped with specially designed MedWagons to help move children safely and easily. The wagon design incorporates an integrated IV pole, stability, removable sides for patient access, plastic material that can be disinfected repeatedly and simple disassembly for storage purposes.

Whether you are coming to our facility to welcome your child or receive other necessary treatments, please know that our hospital and our staff are committed to providing you with the best possible care in a comfortable and compassionate environment. Our staff is here to answer your questions, tend to your needs and make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

We are proud of what we do in the Women's and Children's Health Services Department. We believe in giving our patients and their families the personal care and attention they deserve.

For more information about our Women's and Children's Health Services Department, contact nurse manager Erica Anderson, BSN, RN at (606) 451-3940.

Web Babies - Online Newborns

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital is proud to bring you our Web Babies page, in partnership with Mom365 Click on the link below to view delivery dates and the first names of the mom. Only those parents who have signed a consent form for their new baby(s) will be published.

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