Schoolhouse Mobile Care

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital is thrilled to offer the first regional school based Mobile Health Care Unit, or “Schoolhouse Mobile Care,” in our area.  

The Schoolhouse Mobile Care Unit provides a number of services on site at your child’s elementary, middle, or high school and works in collaboration with your school’s nurse to provide additional on-site services during regular school hours. Services include well child visits, physicals, immunizations and acute (sick) visits - all aimed at promoting healthier kids who are ready to learn, and saving you time in the process!

Schoolhouse Mobile Care plays an important role in making our community healthier. Healthy children are better equipped to stay engaged in the classroom, giving them a greater opportunity to learn. It is our goal to help children stay healthy and ready to grow, both mentally and physically.

Through combined efforts of the Mobile Care Unit and the school nurse, children can receive high quality health care services on site, without missing school. This collaboration promotes positive outcomes for every child’s health and education.

Important things to know:
• Healthcare Providers are board certified and follow evidence-based practice guidelines.
• Parents/guardians must sign a consent allowing healthcare to be provided to the child.
• Parents/guardians do not have to be present for care to be provided, although they are welcome if they so choose. All insurances are accepted.

Please complete the consent forms linked below and return them to your child’s classroom as soon as possible. We look forward to serving you and your child through this exciting, new initiative!

Download the Schoolhouse Mobile Care Consent Forms

Schoolhouse Mobile Care is a service of Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and Lake Cumberland Medical Associates