Schoolhouse Health

Schoolhouse Health, a collaboration with Pulaski County, Somerset Independent, and Science Hill Independent Schools to contract with eighteen school nurses will begin the 2020-2021 academic year.  Lake Cumberland Schoolhouse Health will serve three districts and over 10,000 children annually.  

School nurses in these districts, working in the school clinics or through telehealth with physicians and nurse practitioners at Lake Cumberland Medical Associates, will help the districts ensure that nearly all the same services as before continue to be provided, such as medication monitoring and dispensing and acute, or sick, visits.  Extending the relationship formed in 2019 when Lake Cumberland Medical Associates unveiled Schoolhouse Mobile Care, these nurses, working, with parental consent, together with LCMA physicians and nurse practitioners, may also provide well-child visits via telehealth immunizations and physicals.  Since its inception, Schoolhouse Mobile Care has seen over 3,423 local children, educators and staff from schools across the Somerset-Pulaski County region.

Telehealth capabilities to be made available in each school clinic will allow nurses the opportunity to assist students, educators and staff remote in to a physician or nurse practitioner at Lake Cumberland Medical Associates to share information, discuss acute issues or treatment, and even process prescriptions; potentially saving educators, staff and parents’ time and money on a second trip to the doctor’s office.  Read more about Schoolhouse Health here.  

Participating Schools Include: 

Burnside Elementary School Pulaski Elementary School 
Eubank Elementary School Pulaski County High School 
Hopkins Elementary School Science Hill Independent School 
Meece Middle School Shopville Elementary School
Memorial Education Center (Mobile Care Only)  Somerset Christian School (Mobile Care Only)
Nancy Elementary School  Somerset High School
Northern Elementary School  Southern Elementary School 
Northern Middle School  Southern Middle School
Oak Hill Elementary School  Southwestern High School 


Schoolhouse Mobile Care

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital is thrilled to offer the first regional school based Mobile Health Care Unit, or “Schoolhouse Mobile Care,” in our area.  

Schoolhouse Mobile Care provides a number of services on site at your child’s elementary, middle, or high school and works in collaboration with school nurses to provide additional on-site services during regular school hours. Services include well child visits, physicals, immunizations and acute (sick) visits - all aimed at promoting healthier kids who are ready to learn, and saving you time in the process!

Schoolhouse Mobile Care plays an important role in making our community healthier. Healthy children are better equipped to stay engaged in the classroom, giving them a greater opportunity to learn. It is our goal to help children stay healthy and ready to grow, both mentally and physically.

Through combined efforts of Schoolhouse Mobile Care and Schoolhouse Health, children can receive high quality health care services on site, without missing school. This collaboration promotes positive outcomes for every child’s health and education.


Important things to know:
• Healthcare Providers are board certified and follow evidence-based practice guidelines.
• Parents/guardians must sign a consent allowing healthcare to be provided to the child.
• Parents/guardians do not have to be present for care to be provided, although they are welcome if they so choose. All insurances are accepted.

Please complete the consent forms linked below and return them to your child’s classroom or school as soon as possible. We look forward to serving you and your child throughout the year!