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Occupational Therapy

What can you expect? 

After recieving a physician's order, an evaluation is scheduled. On the first visit, the therapist will review the patient’s medical history. Goals will be established based on an individual’s needs. Additional visits, if needed, will be established along with a plan of care individualized for each patient. The expected length of time to reach goals will also be discussed.

Services typically include: 

  • Customized treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities 
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training 
  • Guidance to family members and caregivers 

Some of the health conditions that benefit from occupational therapy include: 

  • Work-related injuries including lower back problems or repetitive stress injuries 
  • Limitations following a stroke or heart attack 
  • Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or other serious chronic conditions 
  • Broken bones or other injuries from falls, sports injuries, or accidents 
  • Vision or cognitive problems that threaten the ability to drive