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Speech Therapy

Our Services 

The Speech Language Pathology team provides evaluation and treatment of a variety of different diagnoses in both adults and children on a daily basis, including the following:

  • Childhood speech and language disorders.
  • Stuttering.
  • Pediatric feeding disorders. 
  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorder) evaluation and treatment. 
  • Evaluation and treatment of acquired neurogenic and other adult speech and language disorders.  
  • Cognitive evaluations and treatment. 
  • Communication assistance to patients status post-laryngectomy. 
  • Pre-operative education for patients prior to laryngectomy. 
  • Modified barium swallow studies.
  • Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing. 
  • Assessment for Passy Muir Speaking Valve for patients with tracheostomy tubes. 
  • Assessment of velopharyngeal port insufficiency.


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