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Real Patients. Real Stories

Your health means everything. And for these patients, seeking quality healthcare at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital was a life-changing experience.  No matter how large or how small the issue, it’s time to take charge of your health again. At Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital we put your healthcare needs first.  Don't make your health wait.  Get the care you need now and learn more about our quality healthcare services from real patients, in the real stories below.   

Christine's Remarkable Journey at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital

Christine Curtis, a 31-year-old lifelong resident of Pulaski County, Kentucky, had an extraordinary experience at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital (LCRH), particularly in the Women's and Children's department, which played a pivotal role in her transition into motherhood. As the Director of Emergency Services at LCRH, she found herself on the...

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Patient Chloe and husband William Gary with baby

All in the Family

For Chloe Gary and her husband, William, choosing Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital (LCRH) for the birth of their first child was simple.

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Karen Haggard

A New Breath at Life

Subglottic Stenosis patient finds her breath again. 

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Living Life to the Fullest

New Knee Brings Renewed Ability and Joy to 71-Year-Old's Retirement

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Filled with Gratefulness after Weight Loss

Mother of three loses 100 lbs in 12 months after weight-loss surgery.

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Angela Walden, Weight Loss Surgery Patient

Worth the Weight

Young mother experiences big losses and even bigger gains after weight loss surgery

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Dropping Pounds and Gaining Health

Young mother sheds pounds, gains confidence and reclaims her health after weight loss surgery 

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How Screening Saved a Life

Colorectal cancer survivor celebrates being cancer free with a message about the importance of early screenings.

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The Power to Heal

Local patient finds healing at the Lake Cumberland Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Medicine 

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Pulaski County Twins Celebrate 93rd Birthday with a COVID-19 Vaccine

Two Pulaski county natives, 93 year-old twins Roy Smith and Ruey Smith Crouch have born witness to nearly a century of this history.  The twins, who celebrated their birthday in February of this year by getting a COVID-19 vaccination at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, are emphatic that the last year...

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